The history of mankind and the Solar Empire

The planet Earth existed in a blissful ignorance on the edge of the Milky Way. Her peoples lived in their mutual tribulations about the natural wealth of their small system. Everything changed when Slovak academician Tichomir R. Svarba invented a revolutionary propulsion for star ships, allowing travel faster than light. In 2843 he made his first flight with a human crew to the neighboring Alpha Centauri system, where he founded the first colony the same year. This laid the foundation for the future Solar Empire, and this year also became a year of 1 NSL (New Solar Year).

Svarba was not only a brilliant inventor but also a capable businessman and economist. His drive, as well as other inventions of the new cosmic age, patented and held for himself and his family. As a right patriot he sold licenses for production only to his native Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where he lived and studied. Thanks to his influence, he re-established Czechoslovakia, which soon became the industrial and power leader of the planet Earth. Nobody else had contacts and technology available. There has been a renaissance of traditional brands and companies. Even after the emergence of the united Earth and the subsequent Solar Empire, Czechs and Slovaks hold a dominant position. Czech and Slovak is the official language of both the Empire and the Space Legion.

Over the centuries of its existence, the Solar Empire has grown exponentially and people have discovered that there are many other intelligent species in the universe. Even humanoid and at a similar level of development (all later explained by Dr. Deus Machinogeek's theory). Many have become allies or members of the Solar Empire. In 427 NSL, Queen Svetlana rules 188 planets.

Places and institutions

Solar Empire

The Solar Empire is a constitutional monarchy. It includes dozens of species from the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Most of them, however, are Earthly Colonies, and Earthmen have a leading say in it. Executive power is inherited, ruling king or queen from one of the powerful dynasties that always comes from Poděbrady (in the history of the old Czech Kingdom and in the history of the Solar Empire it has proved its worth). At the beginning of the 5th century NSL is in power by Svetlana XVII Lucemburska. The royal residence is from the first days of the Empire at the Prague Castle. The monarch appoints the government in his own discretion. Legislative power is elected and represented by the 500-member Imperial Senate sitting in the Straka Academy. The members of the Senate are members of all member states.

Space Legion

The Solar Empire Corps, which performs military, police, and reconnaissance functions. The vast majority of starships belong to the Legion. It is an efficient and comprehensive organization that has all the components as every army. Headquarters is located on Earth in Bratislava.

University of the Legion of the Universe

Military Academy with the main campus in Košice. It also has several other installations on different planets. If someone wants to hold a rank of officer, they have to study law school. In addition, it is considered to be an elite school whose quality can only be compared in the Empire with Charles University and Švarb's High Learning Technical.

Section 51

Space Legion Intelligence Service. Headquarters in Jaslovské Bohunice. All detailed information is strictly secret.

Shipyard Tatra Titan

After the establishment of the Space Legion, it was clear that this organization would need a strong space ship supplier, from small boats to stargazers. In 12 NSL, a tender was announced, winning Tatra Kosmoplány, a.s. It committed itself to constructing and putting into operation the mammoth shipyard in the solar system within ten years. The vision of the Tatras was magnificent, they decided to rebuild the entire space body at the shipyard. Due to the most appropriate composition and availability of raw materials, Saturn's biggest moon, Titan, fell. Soon the construction began, and Titan, for the next few years, was digging, mining, rebuilding, and shaping. The result was a brand new form of the moon.

The whole Titan is hollow, and in its interior is a giant spacecraft factory. The external shape was also changed and modified. Since the shipyard needs two chambers (one on the hull construction, the other on the Hypertunnel to test the Švarb sails), the Titan moon has two round halves. Among them there is the main gate to take off the boats. Although this form of yards was formed for purely practical reasons, its appearance with a specific part of human anatomy is obvious. In addition, the Tatars have taken on a design with a traditional sense of aesthetics, so the docks are femininely elegant. Legion's officers are rumored that the 3D model of the Tatra owner's background, Tereza Ledwink, was used for the final appearance of the shipyards. The headmaster did not confirm the speculation, but did not even turn around. Anyway, she has a nice (shipyard).